The Dogs Butcher

for working Dogs

COMPLETE MINCES (approx 80%meat 10%bone 10%Offal) Per 1 Kg
Ox Tripe Complete with Duck £2.85
Ox Tripe Complete with Chicken £2.85
Lamb Tripe Complete with Duck £3.05
Lamb Tripe Complete with Turkey £3.10
Mixed Meat Complete with Turkey (Pork, Lamb and Ox) £3.15
Mixed Meat Complete with Duck (Pork, Lamb and Ox) £3.15
Ox Mince Complete with Chicken £3.00
Ox Mince Complete with Duck £3.00
Purely Lamb Mince Complete (Lamb meat, tripe,lamb bone, lamb offal) £4.05
Purely Pork Mince Complete (meat, pork bone, pork offal) £3.85
Purely Chicken Mince Complete (only chicken, beak to feet) £4.05
Purely Ox Mince Complete (meat, tripe, veal bone, ox offal) £3.95
Veal Mince Complete with Duck Neck (low fat) £4.65
Venison, Beef and Turkey Complete £3.65
Minced Pheasant OUT OF STOCK
Meaty Lamb Mince Complete (500gms) £2.65
Surf and Turf, Oily fish, Ox and Duck Complete £3.45
Pork Mince Complete with Chicken £3.05
Pork Mince Complete with Duck £3.05
Puppy Lamb Tripe Complete with Duck £3.15
Puppy Ox Tripe Complete with Chicken £3.05
Puppy Ox Mince Complete with Duck £3.15
Pigeon Mince Complete (500gms) OUT OF STOCK
Puppy/Small Dog Tripe and Duck (10% BONE) £2.85
Puppy/Small Dog Tripe and Chicken (10% BONE) £2.85
Turkey Mince (APPROX 50% BONE) £2.55
Duck Mince (approx 50% bone) £2.25
Tripe and Oily Fish (75%Tripe 25%Oily Fish) £3.05
Tripe and Chicken (10% bone) £2.45
Tripe and Duck (10% bone) £2.65
Venison Bones (Spine,Neck or Rib) £3.35
Veal Bones (Spine, Neck or Rib) £2.35
Duck Wings £2.35 OUT OF STOCK
Pork Bones (Spine, Necks and Ribs £2.75
Meaty Ox Chunks £5.85
Boar Chunks £4.75
Veal Chunks £4.95
Meaty Lamb Chunks £6.85
Offal Mix (50% Liver mixed with other Offal) (500gm £1.85

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