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Per lb (454gms)
Chicken Mince (15% bone) 75p
Tripe Mince (no bone) 92p
Duck Mince (15% bone) 75p
Turkey Mince (15% bone) 75p
Beef Mince (10% bone) 92p
Lamb Mince (10% bone) 92p
Beef and Tripe (10% bone) 92p
Beef and Turkey (15% bone) 75p
Beef and Chicken (15% bone) 75p
Chicken and Tripe (15% bone) 75p
Duck and Tripe (15% bone) 75p
Turkey and Tripe (15% bone) 75p
Chicken and Salmon (15% bone) 75p
Turkey and Salmon (15% bone) 75p
Tripe and Salmon (15% bone) 75p
Salmon (15% bone) 75p
80:10:10 Per lb (454gms)
Chicken Complete £1
Lamb Complete £1
Beef Complere £1
Turkey Complete £1
Chicken and Salmon £1
Turkey and Salmon £1
Salmon Complete £1
Chicken Feet 2kg £5.00
Turkey Necks 2kg £4.95
Salmon Chunks 2kg £6.00

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