Natural Treats (2)

Pet Treats Warehouse

Rabbit Ears 250gms £6.50 500g £11.00
Rabbit Ears (with hair) 250gms £6.50 500g £11.00
Chicken Feet 500gms £6.50
Cow Ears £1.00 each pack of 10 £9.50
Cow Ears (with hair) £1.20 each pack of 10 £11.00
Sow Ears £1.15 each
Pigs Ears £1.10 each
Roast Beef 1kg £15.00
Roast Lamb Strips 1kg £15.00
Wild Venison Strips 500gms £12.00
Beef Muscle Pieces 1kg £15.00 OUT OF STOCK
Dried Tripe 500gms £7.50
Puffed Jerky 500gms £7.50
Pork Roll 50cm £1.35 10cm 70p
Pigs in Blanket (sausage wrapped in pork rind) 50p each
Beef and Garlic Sausage 3kg £24.00
Beef and Veg Sticks 50p each 10 £4.00
Black Pudding Sticks 50p each 10 £4.00
Chicken Sticks 50p each 10 £4.00
Venison Sticks 50p each 10 £4.00
Mixed Sticks 10 £4.00
Beef and Garlic Moist Sausage £2.50
Chicken and Chese Moist Sausage £2.50
Liver Moist Sausage £2.50
Venison Moist Sauage £2.50
Dried Sprats 250gms £6.50
Antos Cow Ears 10pk £5.59
Buffalo Braided Pizzle 6" £2.09 Each
Buffalo Ear X Large £1 each
Buffalo Lung 130gms £3.99
Buffalo Steaks 200gms £4.99
Buffalo Wraps 3 pack £3.99
Buffalo Tripe Sticks 500gms £5.99
Veni-dog Pure Venison Chew Sticks 6 pack £34.15
Davies Puff Jerky 100gms £1.99
Yakers Chew (Medium) £5.20 each
Whimzee Large Hedgehog £1.75 each
Whimzee Assorted Medium 90p each
Whimzee Assorted Small 45p each
Frozzys 4 Pack £5.99
Frozzys 4 Pack £5.99
Billy and Margot Apple, Banana, Carrot 160ml £2.99
Billy and Margot Honey and Banana 160ml £2.99
Billy and Margot Strawberry and Apple 160ml £2.99
Carnilove Dog Duck with Rosemary 200gm £2.95
Carnilove Dog Lamb with Cranberry 200gm £2.95
Carnilove Dog Ostrich with Blackberries 200gm £2.95
Carnilove Dog Quail with Oregano 200gm £2.95
Carnilove Dog Salmon with Blueberries 200gm £2.95
Carnilove Dog Trout with Dill 200gm £2.95
Carnilove Dog Wild Boar with Rosehips 200gm £2.95
Carnilove Dog Sardine with Wild Garlic 200gm £2.95
Carnilove Cat Duck with Raspberry 50gm £1.65
Carnilove Cat Sardine with Parsley 50gm £1.65

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