Betteridges Quality Raw Dog Food For Working Dogs

Defra Approval number 46/472/8010/ABP/PTF

Excellent quality minces
Sealed and labelled


Bulk Bags must be ordered in advance

Minced Tripe (no bone) 800gms £1.40 25 x 800gm £34.00
Minced Tripe (no bone) 400gms 75p
Minced Best Beef (no bone) 400gms 90p
Minced Lamb (no bone) 400gms 80P
Minced Lamb (no bone) 800gms £1.50 25 X 800gm £36.50
Minced Beef (no bone) 400gms 80p
Minced Beef (Ino bone) 800gms £1.50 25 x 800gm £39.00
Minced Chicken (contains bone) 400gms 65p
Minced Chicken (contains bone) 800gms £1.20 OUT OF STOCK 25 x 800gm £29.00
Minced Turkey (400gm) (contains bone) 400gms 75p
Whole Hearts 900gms £2.50
Liver Chunks 450 gms 75p
Knuckle and Shank Bones 75p each

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